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Wellness Coaching: Does Weight Loss Dogma "Fit"?



2.0 CEU Course for NBC-HWC (CEP#1000055)

About the Course

This course includes a review of current societal and medical dogmas about weight loss and provides peer-reviewed evidence that reveals the negative effects of losing weight and describes how to balance this information with the coaching spirit.

Is Weight Loss Really Good for You?

Your Instructor

Dr. Cherie O'Neill (Kroh)

Dr. Cherie O'Neill (Kroh)

Owner and CEO, Wellness Coaching Elevated
Cherie O'Neill (Kroh), EdD, FACSM, NBC-HWC, EP-C, PAPHS, CHWC, EIM Level II
(she, her, hers)

Dr. Cherie O'Neill (Kroh) is the Owner and CEO of Wellness Coaching Elevated-a company dedicated to upskilling health and wellness coaches. Wellness Coaching Elevated is formerly known as Elevating Exercise Science. Dr. Kroh is a Senior Manager of Design and Development at Western Governors University Academy, a start-up in education that uses coaching methodology to help students get into college. She is a former Associate Professor/Adjunct Instructor in the Ph.D. in Health Science program at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. She taught courses in wellness coaching and currently serves as a mentor for Ph.D. students whose dissertations are related to wellness coaching effectiveness and efficacy. She is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and serves on the Exercise is Medicine (EIM) Credential Committee and authored the Behavior Change Module of the NEW EIM certification exam. She has served as an EIM Emerging Leader and speaks frequently on the topic of exercise and wellness coaching in healthcare. She is a contributing author in the American Council on Exercise's The Professional's Guide to Health & Wellness Coaching. Dr. O'Neill (Kroh) has worked in various capacities in health and wellness fields including federal grants, health departments, health insurance companies, and healthcare systems in addition to education. Dr. Kroh has several certifications including: ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist, Exercise is Medicine level two credential, and a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) by the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching. In addition, Dr. O'Neill (Kroh) is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach through Wellcoaches and is a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory. Dr. O'Neill's (Kroh) research focus includes the efficacy of wellness coaching, physical inactivity (sitting) as it relates to vascular health and productivity, submaximal exercise testing for those with chronic disease, exercise in healthcare and intercultural development of allied health professionals. Dr. O'Neill (Kroh) writes free NBC-HWC test questions on her Facebook Page -Health & Wellness Coaching Exam Test Prep Group -and is the moderator of the Practicing Health & Wellness Coaches Facebook group.

What you will learn

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Welcome to the Course

Chapter #1 - Weight Loss Dogmas

Chapter #2 - Weight Loss Dogmas Continued

Chapter #3 - Fitness vs. Fatness

Chapter #4 - Wellness Coaching for Weight Loss

Next Steps

Course Curriculum

Weight Loss Dogmas
Fitness vs. Fatness
Wellness Coaching for Weight Loss

Identify the dogmas of weight loss and the effects weight loss has on the body

Describe why cardiorespiratory fitness is a better predictor of mortality than BMI

Learn the wellness coaching approach that considers the science of weight loss while maintaining the client’s/patient’s autonomy

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